Grow with us

TTTSM utilizes a master lease or licensing agreement for all our placements. We become the preferred sourced partner for both the site providers and the tenants we bring to them.
We are a proven and trusted single point of contact with site hosts. 

We deliver a single rent payment to site host providers, reflecting rent payments from each individual store site. 

We facilitate all facets of architecture, plans/drawings, and build-out construction. 

We negotiate a master license agreement with the site host. In turn, we secure highly qualified individual franchisees for each site host store location. 
TTTSM manages the rollout process by securing high traffic space in busy retail operations.

For our tenant operating partners to be successful, long-term agreements with the retailer must provide an opportunity for them to expand their presence in the market, minimize any negative impact on “sister” locations and provide a reasonable return on investment.

In addition, we need to secure the “best fit” tenants for retail partners, both from the standpoint of compatibility and performance. No tenant is ever placed within a landlord’s facility without the expressed approval of the site host.